Our algorithm understands what people will buy during the next 7 days, automatically prepare an order for the contractrors and reduce planning errors
Foodcast helps dark kitchens to decrease food waste by 50% for 1 month and forever
Decrease stock balance by 40%

Decrease food waste by 50%

Save 20-30% of your staff time

Satisfy all demand

Delegate planning to AI
Our robot collects information from your restaurant management app, add weather and traffic data for making accurate predictions. It works much better than human's predictions. Increase forecast accuracy by 90%
Get an order for contractors in 1 click
By understanding what your clients will buy tomorrow we calculate all ingredients you need for making dishes for them and place an order for the contractor. Finally you don't need to prepare tons of Excel files. We make it for you in seconds.
Decrease labor cost
We will give you a restaurant loading by the hour and give an advice of how much front staff you need during the day. Save up to 20% of your labor cost
Other features
Optimize opening hours
Understand when you should be open depends on location and demand over the day
Up-sell more
Identify key product combinations over time and show it for you every week
Deep analytics
We analyse all the data and show you how much money you have already saved and how much you will save in the future
Online access for your team
Manage an access for you staff by giving them different level of access
Add new locations
Predict the demand into new locations when you plan to expand your chain. Add a new one in few minutes
Integrations with major platforms
Iiko, R-keeper and some other platforms that you are currently use. No need to pay for integrations. It works out of the box
All major integrations
Integration in 1 click
Integration in 1 click
Public API
We can receive data from any source you have
Choose your plan
For 1 and up to 10 locations
Per location
It will save $1500-4000
  • All dashboards
  • Sales prediction
  • Staff prediction
  • 1 click order
Order now
21+ locations
Custom integration and service
  • All dashboards
  • Sales prediction
  • Staff prediction
  • 1 click order
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Try it for free
2 weeks trial period. No credit cards needed for start using.
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